Live Practice timing 24/7

SERCCC has set up the track for 24/7 timing. So whenever you are at the track and if your transponder is registered with our system it will call out your lap times with you name.

New timing system from LIVERC now live.

SERCCC, for your convenience now has available current round race results for your device. So when a race result is completed it will appear on the device you are using.
The address will be "", or the link below.

SERCCC has now linked the track the to Speedhive - Mylaps practice timing.



DO NOT Download the app as it will not work with practice timing results as is only for track that use Live race package. Always use the web based version


Click on the link above and it will take you to the SERCCC`s current layout being used. if you know your transponder number it will show up and you can get your lap times 24/7 anytime you are at the track.


You can register your transponder with Mylaps but if you don't have a account you will have to create one which will allow you to customize your profile.


One registered click SELECT the following 

ALL PRACTICE - (sport) RC - ONLINE  - SELECT COUNTRY  and choose the track SERCCC.  Its that simple 


You can the create a home shortcut on you mobile device and giving access any time.



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