Models :
Any Kyosho Fazer Mk.2 Ready To Run 4WD models. These affordable Kyosho Fazers offer great performance and durability. All you need add to start racing is a battery (or two) and charger.

ESC & Motor :

Kit supplied ESC & motor must be retained.

Motor Bullet connectors may be removed and the wires shortened and soldered directly from the ESC to the motor.

Body Shell :
Kit body or any 190-200mm scale-accurate sedan, rally, GT body or even truck body will be allowed. Remember this is a "FUN"  class. Body may be painted in any scheme.

Tyres :

Kit tyres and wheels or any 24mm on-road rubber tyres.

No tyre warmers allowed.

No tyre additive only a cleaner.


Permitted Modifications :

Shock oil may be changed.

Steering can be changed and is recommend.

Receiver and transmitter may be swapped.

The plastic 32T 48P pinion gear may be replaced to steel/aluminum for durability at any time.

Batteries :
Any 2S LiPo (7.4V)battery (60C max rating) or NiMh (7.2V) (6 cells).
Battery connector may be changed to DEANS from the Tamiya type on some models. But all batteries must be hard wired from supplier.
A good capacity is 5000mah for a LiPo as the fit into the chassis is very tight above this capacity.

Gearing :
As per kit



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